Make a doll clothes closet

This is a finished closet, made for BarbieŽ clothes.

This is made from a carboard, underbed box. I've put the box together, putting the design side inside (rather than outside). I cut off some of the flaps that fold through slots, and glued the sections together with Elmers glue. I covered the outside of this closet with white Contact paper, then glued on copies of BarbieŽ booklets and graphics to decorate the outside. (You could use Contact paper, wrapping paper, fabric.) I used 1/8" metal dowel rods for the closet rods. I've cut them so that only a small piece of the rod sticks out the sides of the closet.

I got size 8-32 plastic end nut caps at the hardware store. I glued them to the sides of the box, the ends of the metal rods are inside the caps. This holds the rods in place.

If you want to hinge the door on, just cut a piece of poster board, and secure to the closet and door as in the picture, using brass fasteners. If you will be needing more than one closet to hold all your doll clothes, you might want to simply attach the "door" with velcro so it can be completely removed. That way you can line up several closets, open, next to each other, so you can see all your doll clothes at once.

There are stick on hooks for hats, etc.

Here's the page where I show how to make a hanger. Hangers

I attached a handle to the top.

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