My Camping Experience

Cleburne State Park

This state park is just south of Ft. Worth, and is not far from Fossil Rim Wildlife Preserve. I have used the screened shelters - there are 6 of them. A screened shelter is a cabin with half the wall being screening. I've camped here when I took the girls to Fossil Rim. Lots of biking trails at this park.

Dinosaur Valley State Park

Also close to Fossil Rim, but they have no screened shelters (you would need tents!). They also have dinosaur footprints!

Eisenhower State Park

This state park is on Lake Texoma. I have camped here with my girls many times. There is a large section for screened shelters. If you can get them, choose shelters 20, 21, 22, 23. They are right across from the playground (good for the little campers) and near the restrooms. I've used this park for mom/daughter campouts. Mom/daughter is a great way to camp with the younger girls. In a screened shelter, you would need a cot or an air mattress (it's just a concrete floor).

I also like to tent camp here. I've stayed in the Fossil Ridge location. The campsites 161 through 164 are large areas, and close to the bathrooms. When tent camping - I recommend the areas without electricity. The sites that have electricity are often used by the RV's, and are noisier.

Rocky Point GS Camp

I have camped here a couple of times. They only have platform tents. A platform tent is a raised wood floor, and has a frame with flaps. The flaps are either closed or open. There is no screening as part of the flaps. Since the flaps are just tied at the corners, these tents are not bug proof. They have frames to go over the cots for mosquito netting, but you need to bring your net with you. In cold weather, the wind can really blow through these tents, and in warm weather, the only air circulation you can get is if you raise the flaps (then you need the mosquito netting). Much of the GS water sports activities are held at this camp.

Turner Falls Park in OK
I haven't camped there, but another leader I know, had been there and really liked it.

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