Bridging Daisies to Brownies

A New Batch of Brownies

Note: This skit/ceremony was originally written by Joyce Bolin, a Girl Scout leader in George, Iowa, and was published in Pack-O-Fun Magazine in July/August 1992.

Get a large appliance box, and decorate it to look like a stove/oven. Cut out an open/closeable door. You'll also need mixing bowls, spoons, measuring cups, flour sifter, timer with bell, and typed scripts for the girls to follow. Also have a table for the girls to stand behind while cooking. There are 14 speaking parts, but girls could say more than one line if the troop is smaller. Amend the script to suit your troop. You'll need some older scouts to be the ones "making" the brownies.

The "ingredients" could be the Daisies - and you add them to your "mix" as you go along, and then you stuff them all into the "oven". Or, you can have the Daisies be in a circle and they are the mixing bowl. After all ingredients have been added, you have the Daisies go into the oven. Then, when the bell rings, the "oven" door is opened, and the new "Brownies" (Daisies have changed into their Brownie uniforms or even a paperbag vest decorated like a Brownie vest) come out. While waiting for the brownies to "bake" (change into Browne uniforms), the older scouts can sing some scout songs.


"We have spaces in our Brownie Ring."

"Yes, what can we do about it?"

"I know! Let's make some new Brownies!"

"We can look in our handbook for the recipe."

"Here it is! To make Brownies we must mix 11 basic ingredients: The Girl Scout Promise & 10 Laws."

"In a large bowl, NAME_____________________, would you go get a big bowl?" (She goes off stage and leads the Daisies on stage to form a circle - they are the bowl.)

"Okay, in a large bowl, cream together 1 cup of a promise to serve God and country & 1 cup of helping others." (Just use the cups/spoons etc. to dump an invisible "ingredient" into the bowl.)

"To this mixture, add two cups of honesty and 4 tablespoons of fairness. Mix together until well-blended."

"Beat together 1/2 cup fairness and 1/2 cup helpfulness and add to the mixture."

"Sprinkle in 3 tablespoons of consideration and 1/2 cup of caring."

"Mix in 2 cups of courage and a dash of strenghth."

"Blend in 1 cup of responsibility for words and actions."

"Add one cup of respect for authority and one cup of respect for myself and others. Stir until well blended."

"Sift together 1/2 cup of a wise use of resources and 6 tablespoons of a promise to protect and improve the world. Stir into mixture."

"Sprinkle over the mixture 2 tablespoons of sisterhood of Girl Scouting and mix well."

"Bake at a moderate temperature until done."

"Let's get the mix in the oven to bake." (Lead Daisies into oven, close the oven door).

"Hmmmm, what do we do while we wait for our brownies to bake?"

"Hey, we can sing the Brownie Smile Song……(sing)."

(bell rings) "They're done!"

(open door - girls start to crawl out of oven) "Look! A NEW BATCH OF BROWNIES!"

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