Helpful Links

Little Brownie Bakers . It's got cookie info, fun stuff, etc.

Star charts and constellations guide
You can look up a sky chart for any month (North America) and you can look up a specific constellation. Great help for those camping trips where you want to do some sky searching!

Ft. Worth facility that make real currency $20's.

Corn maizes

Babysitter on-line class

Design it - badge and patch makers

Girl Scout Games - some fun, some for learning.

Kids Games . Great list of games and rhymes.

Women's Museum - Dallas. Girl Scout Camp-ins .
Camp-ins are scheduled about once a month.

Overnight at the Dallas Zoo

Donna (a fellow leader) shares about their Brownies's overnight at the Dallas zoo. "They had 4 or 5 zookeepers there and divided us into groups. They took us around the zoo. It was great having our own personal zookeepers with our small group. We went to the snake house, the giraffes, the lions, and can't remember which else. In the morning are the gorillas. The girls did some crafts and played some games, and then they brought in 3 or 4 small animals to show us. The girls loved it! We didn't tie ours into any try-it, but I'm sure you can." You sleep in a conference room.
To get more info - and they NIGHT HIKES - .

Scout Mom's GREAT graphics.

Scoutingweb - List of Ceremonies

First Meetings - Daisies
Suggested plans for the first 4 Daisy Girl Scout meetings. This plan appears to assume weekly meetings - may need to adjust if meeting less (like twice monthly). For ceremony ideas - Daisy Ceremonies

First four Brownie meetings
There's probably a lot of places that have this or similar - do a search for "first four Brownie meetings" and see all the results!

Camping equipment from PVC pipes!
Make your own camping stuff - like a wash stand, towel stand, flag pole, etc.

Junior Badges - pics of many of the badges

Making Friends
Craft website - items for sale, and lots of free activities you print and do!

Scouting Web - Girl Scout Clip Art link list

Knots Gallery
Animated knot tying.

Poems for Girl Scouts

Scouting Web - it's all here!!

Ebay - Girl Scout section -
Yes, ebay has a whole section for Girl Scouts. Great place to find uniform pieces and books.

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